Key Features

  • Management platform

    Management Platform

    Supports converged access of 2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-A, NB-IoT, 5G, WiFi and Fixed networks.
  • Cloud Native Design

    Cloud Native Design

    By the flexible combination of different components, we can realize the network rebuilding from “network element orient” architecture to “service orient” architecture.
  • Carrier-grade DevOps Platform

    Carrier-grade DevOps Platform

    “Zero touch” smart maintenance. Realize automatic design, automatic deployment, automatic development and automatic maintenance.
  • End-To-End Network Slicing

    Service and network can be customized to fulfill diversified enterprise requirements, such as VR/AR, automatic of factory and smart power grid.
Key Features

3G/4G/5G Converged Core

Enable Mobile Operators to benefit from shorter time to market

3G/4G/5G Converged Core

IPLOOK’s 3G/4G/5G Converged Core Network offers a comprehensive suite of key network functions (NFs):


Our all-in-one mobile core solution empowers operators to seamlessly transition to 5G while facilitating deep integration with vertical industries. It enables operators to deploy forward-thinking, multi-network convergence target networks and services swiftly and cost-effectively. This facilitates the evolution from a singular network architecture to a fully converged network architecture, ensuring agility, efficiency, and future readiness.

4G&5G Converged Private Core Network Solution

Rapid deployment of reliable, resilient, and simplified dedicated networks for diverse applications

Flexible: Fully cloud-native architecture allows for flexible scaling, easy integration with existing networks, and seamless migration to 5G network in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.

Converged: Offers comprehensive services, including data, VoLTE/VoNR, MCPTT, and SMS, within a single system.

Customized: Adaptable to meet unique business requirements, ideal for all vertical industries.

Virtualized: Fully-virtualized 4G&5G Converged Private Core deployed on cloud platform enables efficient resource allocation, dynamic scaling, and easy network function management.

4G&5G Converged Private Core Network Solution

Why Choose IPLOOK?

  • Easy and fast to deploy

    Easy and fast to Deploy

    Enable services providers to provide Internet services rapidly and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Tailor-Made Solution

    Tailor-Made Solution

    Based on projected subscriber and traffic throughput requirements.
  • Strong Brand Differentiation

    Strong Brand Differentiation

    Multi-vendor’s radios supported and robust integration with third-party systems.
  • Highly Flexible

    Highly Flexible

    Supports multiple deployment scenarios, including Centralized and Distributed.